How might we help women
encourage fitness into their everyday life and to make healthier choices?

With its mission to inspire people to achieve the goals that matter most to them, Mira acts as a workout buddy and best friend – one who recognises that sometimes obstacles get in the way of fitness. Unlike other devices, Mira doesn't just track your movements and push out data. Instead, it takes your data and provides useful insights and recommendations to keep you motivated. The Mira system actually understands your fitness level and preferences and offers relevant tips, such as the best time of day for you to work out, or simple ways to keep active if you can't get to the gym. Mira has been crowdfunded on Kickstarter, was presented on the CES 2015 and is now available.

Designed for

The startup Mira from Omrom Healthcare

With Women for Women

Mira really came to life after women across the country brought honest, personal anecdotes and a dose of good humor to the development process. They told us they find it hard to fit in exercise, need motivation, and want a device that's stylish and versatile so it can be worn to work, to the gym, or out at night.

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"When I'm active I want the tracker to just disappear. I would clip it to my bra." - Rachel

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Shaping a Gesture

We wanted to create a considered gesture when you reach for your tracker and check your progress. It should automatically wake up and give you the information you want on a glance. It was important to us to remove any buttons and move away from any strong tech references. By touching the bean on the top and button the screen comes to life and circles through your metrics. The formfactor affords this grip and the button-less design also helped with making the tracker waterproof.


Touch top and bottom to get a quick glance at the time


Hold to cycle through your metrics


"A  fitness tracker doesn't fit in my life when it's a black or white rubber band; rubber is not made for my life."  -Steph

CMF Muted Makeup Colors

Blending-in foor a bracelet means to work with the arm, skin and jewlery. Inspired by muted makeup shades and skin tones, the plastic line comes in light colors and trancelucent finishes. 




Track what matters most

Mira only captures milestones you care about, then makes them easy to read and understand. Spend more time on what matters – and less time trying to decipher data. The more you wear it, the better it gets to know you and offers healthy suggestions tailored to your preferences, activities and habits.

"I want the charging to be a plesant experience and the magnatic stand just makes it feel like a proper home for the bracelet."  -Nicole