How might we create an integrated entrance experience for our homes?

The entry space of a house separates public from private life, has people coming and going and is dominated by routine behavior. Around the main door you usually find lights, a small roof to provide protection from the weather, an intercom probably mounted to the wall and a mailbox at the gate or right next to the door. These parts are often designed as single products and not in relation to their environment or the way that people interact with them. The challenge became one of integration. This studie was build with Hasenkopf for Internorm and for the exhibition "frontale".

Designed for

Internorm and frontale

Designed with

Univerity Linz


Orchestrating Experience

What might an holistic entry solution look like, one that offers a well designed coming-home experience? It is important to have all the necessary touch points easily accessible and right where you would expect them to be. At the same time, you want to feel welcome when you approach your home and safe when you empty your mailbox at night.